Affiliate Partnership Benefits of Working with Numerus Capital

Numerus Capital prides itself on having stellar Affiliate Partnership Programs. We see win-win relationships in situations where we serve the same types of clients as you but aren’t direct competitors. In these instances, we see opportunities to refer business to one another, or at the very least give you new revenue streams and access to our services. Benefits include:

  • Commissions on each customer finance and credit card processing sale
  • Closing more and higher-ticket price sales
  • Offering customers instant credit decisions and access to quality credit offers
  • Increasing average sales orders
  • Eliminating and/or reducing annual credit card processing expenses
  • Prompt Affiliate Partner payments at month end


What Happens Next?

  • You introduce the business expressing interest in increasing their revenue by expanding their credit sales and/or eliminating or reducing their credit card processing expenses to Numerus Capital using the form below or call us at 312-953-1769
  • Numerus Capital implements the financing program and/or credit card processing program they request
  • You get paid! Numerus Capital provides you Affiliate Partner Income on every sale for the lifetime we service this relationship you introduced to us!

How it Works


Know a business in need of our services


Ask if they work with Numerus Capital


If they say no, you or the business complete the form below on this webpage


Numerus Capital provides consumer financing solutions to the business’ customers


You get paid!

To learn more our Broker and Referral programs, please contact us at

    Numerus Capital can help you obtain a higher yield on your investments as well as access to capital. If you desire to invest in business-to-consumer or business-to-business receivables or mezzanine debt, our industry connections and expansive network give us access to those opportunities. If you’d like to learn more, we’re happy to arrange a call or visit to discuss your goals and your business, as well as share our backgrounds. Contact us at 312-953-1769.