Numerus Capital: Customer Financing Solutions for Businesses

Numerus Capital has provided customer financing solutions to businesses for over 90 years. We help businesses increase their revenue by expanding their credit sales. We have facilitated hundreds of millions of dollars of customer finance transactions, and our solutions empower businesses to generate more leads, close more sales, become more competitive, and convert customers into lifetime, repeat buyers of high-ticket professional services and goods.

We solve meaningful problems at scale when customers don’t have the cash to make their purchase with you TODAY. We know how painful it is to lose sales. It’s typically the most expensive cost to running your business. Numerus Capital solves this problem by providing businesses with a marketplace of 35+ lenders via a single credit application giving you a second tool in your toolbox to close every sale up to $100,00. This eliminates your LOST SALES and PRICE OBJECTIONS and maximizes your business’s profitability

  • Make your offerings more accessible to a larger audience
  • Close more and higher-ticket sales with your ideal customers
  • Attract more customers and maximize their purchasing power
  • Accelerate your cash flow and stand out from their competition

If you are a business looking to increase your revenue and improve your bottom line, Numerus Capital can help. Contact us today to learn more about our Customer Financing Solutions.

Numerus Capital is a market leader in Zero-Cost Credit Card Processing Solutions. Our merchant service programs enable businesses to control costs by transforming credit card processing fees from cost centers to profit centers. This is done by transferring the credit card processing fee to the consumer eliminating the high costs of accepting credit card payments and the related margin compression while dropping that cost savings right to your bottom line through smarter, more innovative and fully compliant ways of doing business. Use cases include clients in all business, charities, government and higher education. Consider the increased profitability benefits of:

  • Paying 0% on all credit card transactions – sell $100, keep $100
  • Achieving 100% compliance in your credit card processing
  • Customers can always pay by debit, check or cash as a no-fee option
  • No upfront costs or fees and no term contracts
  • Free, no obligation statement savings analysis

Why Numerus Capital

Numerus Capital’s entrepreneurial experience gives us unique insight into how to help you stay ahead of your competition, close more sales and grow your business. The Numerus Capital team has more than 90 years of experience as lenders, business owners, retailers, service providers and technology experts. We love starting and engaging conversations. We look forward to tirelessly working together. We believe increasing your sales and customers’ purchase power is made possible through the right relationships and technology enablement. Impeccable skill and reputation matter and are how we bridge ambition to achievement.

  • Expanding your sales and building your brand loyalty is our passion
  • We’re fast studies at implementing consumer finance and capital solutions programs that are quickly and effectively launched
  • We never stop looking for opportunities to add value to your business
  • You always have access to experienced decision-makers and personalized service